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When Is It Time for Independent Living

When Is It Time for Independent Living

So much of life is about timing, and your retirement years are no exception. Choosing the right time to transition into retirement living is a milestone decision.

It’s a change that some seniors resist because they equate the move with declining health or a need for more help than they’re ready to accept. Actually, as many residents of Stonebridge at Montgomery have discovered, making a move to an independent living community while you’re in your prime gives you even greater freedom and independence in your golden years.

There’s no universal answer to the question, “When is it time for independent living?” However, there are many reasons you may find that an independent living community is the best choice—even sooner than you imagined. If you’re wondering, “When should I consider independent living?”, the answer is: Now!

Maintenance-free living

One of the lifestyle benefits of independent living is the ability to come and go as you please, leaving duties like home maintenance and housekeeping to our attentive staff. Whether you’re spending time within the community or venturing out to explore nearby shops and attractions in Princeton, your schedule will never be hampered by household chores when you’re a resident of Stonebridge at Montgomery.

Resort-like amenities

There’s no time like the present to start enjoying the retirement lifestyle you’ve always imagined, while you’re in generally good health and able to make full use of amenities designed for an active senior lifestyle. Staying physically fit helps promote your overall health, so access to community features like a fitness center, pool, and exercise classes are all to your advantage. At Stonebridge, you’ll also have the chance to explore amenities that cater to your personal interests, like a greenhouse and art studio, and a regular schedule of stimulating activities that enrich your mind, body, and spirit.

Security for the future

For some residents, choosing independent living now is part of a long-term plan. When you enter a Life Plan Community like Stonebridge (also known as a continuing care retirement community) as an independent living resident, you have financial security and peace of mind knowing that if your health needs change in the future, we can accommodate you in the place you already call home.

More autonomy for longer

As you age, living alone comes with greater risk of accidents, such as falls or mishaps in the kitchen. In an independent living community, you’ll have your own space and freedom, but also the peace of mind that someone is checking in on you with your safety and wellness at heart. Our trained staff also makes a point to get to know each resident personally, so we’re keeping an eye out for things like a health decline that may be so gradual you don’t even notice yourself.

Catching and addressing potential problems early, before they become debilitating, means you’ll have a greater chance of rebounding and getting back to your usual carefree lifestyle faster. In other words, a little help now may keep you independent longer.

Signs that independent living can help

If you’re still on the fence about when you should consider independent living, it may help to be aware of some common signs independent living is right for you:

Your social circle is growing smaller. Social connections and personal interaction are important at any age, but especially as you grow older, because those relationships help boost your mental and cognitive health. Living in proximity to peers in the same stage of life provides a natural opportunity to forge new friendships that help you feel more connected to your home and community.

Your strength or stamina keeps you from keeping house. Maintaining a neat and tidy home is important for your health and safety. If you find it’s increasingly difficult to take care of your living space, you may benefit from a maintenance-free community.

You find yourself skipping meals or eating poorly too often. Whether you have medical needs that warrant a special diet or you’re simply missing out on the benefits of good nutrition, an independent living community can ensure you’re eating well. At Stonebridge, multiple options like a bisto, café, and dining room ensure you have plenty of choices when it comes to incredible cuisine—including dishes prepared using veggies fresh from our onsite garden.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of independent resort-like living now and the security of knowing your needs will be met down the road, Stonebridge at Montgomery may be just the place for you. You’re welcome to tour the community, attend an upcoming event to meet your potential new neighbors, or contact us to talk more about your plans for enjoying your retirement years to the fullest.

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