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Transport Back to the 60’s & 70’s With These 10 Senior Trivia Questions

Group of seniors gathered outside of the Rocky Hill Inn having a group conversation

Dive into the vibrant past with our trivia questions for seniors! They’re not just about remembering – they’re about sparking shared laughter, rekindling memories, and fostering a sense of community with people who have shared experiences. So sharpen your wit, gather your friends, and get ready to discover the joy of reminiscing about the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s with our challenging senior trivia questions.

Challenge yourself with our senior trivia questions and start thinking about other ways you can keep your mind sharp as you age. 


1. What was the iconic hairstyle worn by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

a. Beehive
b. Afro
c. Mullet
d. Disco

2. Before DVDs and Netflix, what did you rent at the corner store to watch on your bulky TVs?

a. Laserdiscs
b. VHS tapes
c. Betamax tapes
d. Floppy disks

3. What popular board game featured tiny plastic cars and colorful properties?

a. Monopoly
b. Scrabble
c. Clue
d. Candyland

4. What iconic fashion trend of the 1960s featured vibrant colors, bold patterns, and a sense of rebellion against traditional styles?

a. Mod Fashion
b. Bohemian Style
c. Hippie Fashion
d. Preppy Style

5. Who was the lead guitarist for The Beatles, known for his distinctive guitar solos and experimental musical contributions?

a. Paul McCartney
b. Ringo Starr
c. George Harrison
d. John Lennon

6. What environmental movement of the 1970s sought to raise awareness about ecological issues and promote conservation efforts?

a. Greenpeace Movement
b. Earth Day Movement
c. Sierra Club Initiative
d. Ozone Awareness Campaign

7. Which famous “King” of rock and roll returned triumphantly to the stage with his televised 1968 comeback special?

a. Chuck Berry
b. Little Richard
c. Elvis Presley
d. Buddy Holly

8. Which feminist icon and author published “The Feminine Mystique” in 1963, sparking the second-wave feminist movement?

a. Betty Friedan
b. Gloria Steinem
c. Audre Lorde
d. Simone de Beauvoir

9. What iconic phrase did President Nixon use during the Watergate scandal?

a. “Ask not what your country can do for you…”
b. “I am not a crook.”
c. “Peace is not the absence of conflict…”
d. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

10. What was the nickname for the Vietnam War draft lottery?

a. Black Box
b. Number Ball
c. Green Card
d. Lottery Ball

While reminiscing is fun, your retirement years are about enjoying this next chapter that you worked so hard for. At Stonebridge at Montgomery, we help curate an active lifestyle where your mind, body, and soul find a place to call home.

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Somerset County, our senior living community offers a haven where you can:

      • Challenge your mind: From trivia nights to stimulating lectures, we keep you engaged and stimulated.
      • Forge meaningful connections: Build friendships with like-minded neighbors, share stories, make new memories, and rediscover the power of community.
      • Relax and recharge: Enjoy at-your-disposal amenities, charming apartments and spacious cottages, and the peace of mind of on-site healthcare.
      • Embrace new experiences: Explore local nature trails, delve into Princeton’s rich history, and savor the charm of Nassau Street’s shops.

Stonebridge at Montgomery is more than just a senior living community – it’s a gateway to a vibrant lifestyle in New Jersey. Contact us today for more information.



      1. 1. (d) Disco
      2. 2. (b) VHS tapes
      3. 3. (a) Monopoly
      4. 4. (c) Hippie Fashion
      5. 5. (c) George Harrison
      6. 6. (b) Earth Day Movement
      7. 7. (c) Elvis Presley
      8. 8. (a) Betty Friedan
      9. 9. (b) “I am not a crook.”
      10. 10. (d) Lottery Ball


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