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Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Seniors

Top 10 Apps for Seniors

If you own a smartphone, chances are good you’re already using its technology for far more than phone calls. You probably rely on the camera and built-in tools like the calendar. You may even play some games. In fact, that tiny device can perform many, many tasks that make everyday life easier. All you need is the right apps.

To help you navigate the hundreds of options, our family at Stonebridge at Montgomery has created a list of the 10 most useful apps for seniors.

1. Managing Medications

Frequent changes to your prescriptions can make it difficult to remember what you’re supposed to take and when. A practical app like Medisafe helps you keep track of your medication, in addition to providing information about the drug, instructions like whether it should be taken with food, and reminders when refills are due.

2. Health Concerns

You may already be familiar with the WebMD website, but it’s also a useful app for seniors. With a symptom checker and information about various conditions, you can have better informed discussions with your healthcare team. The app can also point you to providers in your area and help you identify competitive prescription prices.

3. Memory Matters

A collection of interactive games that challenges the four core cognitive areas (problem-solving, speed, memory, and attention), MindMate is a great memory app for seniors overall and a really smart app for seniors with dementia. Beyond the memory games for seniors, you can also find whole-body resources, like recipes and exercise programs.

4. Easy on the Eyes

Although most smartphones include a built-in flashlight app, another useful app for seniors is a beefed-up version like Magnifying Glass + Flashlight. The app provides extra resources when the ambient light is poor or you need to zoom in on small print, like prescription bottles or menus.

5. Grocery Delivery

Safety precautions during the pandemic helped normalize delivery service for everyday needs, including essentials like groceries. Instacart is one of our favorite utility apps for seniors because using it means you can get groceries from your favorite store delivered straight to your door. Delivery fees are based on your order size and other variables, but the tradeoff is having someone doing the heavy lifting for you.

6. Financial Tracking

Keeping track of all your financial accounts in one place is a time-saving convenience that makes Mint another useful app for seniors. You can monitor checking, savings, investment accounts, and more, as well as watching your spending, setting a budget, and keeping tabs on your credit.

7. Social Connection

A sister app to the popular social networking app Facebook, Messenger is one of the best mobile apps for social seniors because of its enhanced features. While its basic function is text chatting, a major advantage of Messenger is the video chat function, which allows you to make a video call no matter what kind of smartphone the recipient uses. You can even watch a favorite TV program with a friend or family member from afar.

8. Family Ties

For families who want to stay connected, Oscar Family is another top pick among best mobile apps for social seniors. The app allows multiple users to communicate through video calls, photo sharing, and instant messages, in addition to giving less tech-savvy seniors access to games and web browsing with protection from scams and other unwanted content.

9. Literature on the Go

Especially if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, audiobooks give you a chance to get lost in stories told by your favorite authors or travel to unknown places. Audible is a top entertainment app for seniors since it lets you purchase and stream a nearly endless library of audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken content. With this app installed, a discrete pair of headphones or earbuds is all you need to enjoy a book wherever you may go.

10. Mobile Book Club

If you still enjoy a good read but don’t want to lug around thick tomes or worry about the pages being damaged, Kindle is another leading entertainment app for seniors. You can sync the app across multiple devices and pick up your book whenever and wherever you wish. The library offers a number of free reads, an unlimited monthly subscription, and by-the-book purchase options to suit your needs.

Beyond Tradition

Like smartphone technology and the apps that make life easier, at Stonebridge we go beyond traditional senior living activities to support a high quality of life. Schedule a tour to learn more about LivWell, our comprehensive, award-winning senior wellness program that ensures all residents enjoy an engaging, stimulating life full of activities that mean the most to them.

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