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Stonebridge At Montgomery Provides English as a Second Language (ESL) Program to Employees

Stonebridge at Montgomery, a Springpoint Life Plan Community, recently implemented a comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for employees. The Stonebridge ESL program will help strengthen proficiency in the comprehension, writing, reading, and speaking of the English language for employees who are non-native English speakers. Stonebridge at Montgomery was awarded a grant from Bloomberg to fund the ESL program and make it available to all Stonebridge at Montgomery employees. Employees in the program participate in weekly instructor-led ESL classes held in the community.

The Stonebridge ESL program is offered to all eligible Stonebridge at Montgomery employees through Inlingua, an international language training organization. Following enrollment into the program, employees take a 15-minute evaluation to assess their English language comprehension proficiency. Depending on the evaluation results, they are placed in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced ESL group class and paired with other employees. Participants are required to attend classes at the community twice a week for a total of 150 hours to complete the ESL program.

Jacinta Carcamo, Andre Guerrier, Enold Cadet, Genoveva Cruz, Yisset Herrera Cruz, Marie Coq, Veronique Sylvain, and Viviane Langes are the first Stonebridge at Montgomery employees to participate in the ESL program and will be graduating in a few months.

Upon completion of the ESL program, participants will be more proficient in their English language comprehension and increase their confidence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing the English language. One of the key purposes of the Stonebridge ESL program is to eliminate linguistic barriers to employees achieving their professional, personal, and economic goals.

The Stonebridge at Montgomery ESL program is another example of Springpoint’s commitment to offering exceptional services and innovative programs that empower those we serve and those who serve them to experience the best that life has to offer.

Please contact your Stonebridge at Montgomery Human Resources Director for more information on the program.

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