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Seniors and Technology Use Has Grown

Senior taking advantage of the benefits technology offers them.

Older adults are more digitally connected than ever. AARP tells us that more than 80 percent of seniors ages 50-69 and 62 percent of those over 70 use a smartphone and This increase is partially driven by the benefits technology offers to seniors. From safety to entertainment, apps and devices offer additional tools that can influence their lives for the better. Keep reading to learn a few benefits of technology for seniors.

5 Benefits of Technology for Seniors

  1. Opportunities for Socialization – Phone calls, text messages and video chats are just a few opportunities to communicate with others through technology. This is especially important for staying connected with family and friends who may live further away or have a difficult time scheduling a visit. While no technology can replace face-to-face interaction, these opportunities increase socialization opportunities and decrease feelings of isolation.
  2. Increased Safety – While we hope this is never the case, having a cell phone allows you to call for help with the push of a button should something happen that threatens your safety. Plus, advancements in technology like security devices and personal monitoring devices give you peace of mind and knowledge that your safety is a priority.
  3. Medical Information Management – Using technology to leverage your medical literacy is extremely beneficial to your health. With the increase of electronic medical record use, it’s much easier to keep track of health information such as medication usage and a schedule of appointments. Ask your medical provider if there is an app or online portal that allows you to log on and have access to your records.
  4. Fitness Opportunities – The internet offers a variety of information, including fitness opportunities and exercise tips. YouTube videos are a great place to start with numerous individuals offering their virtual services. As an added bonus, game systems like the Nintendo Wii are controlled by motion, allowing you to get up and move while playing.
  5. Fun! – Along with the practical uses of technology, there are plenty of games and activities that allow you to have fun, too. Games like Tetris and Trivial Pursuit can be downloaded and played on electronic devices. You can even invite loved ones to join you and compete against one another.

Learn More About How We Take Advantage of Technology at Stonebridge at Montgomery

We at Stonebridge at Montgomery take advantage of technology to help our residents live a more fulfilled, engaging lifestyle in the community. One way we do this is using Touchtown, our resident engagement technology. This innovative programming allows all residents to stay connected to the happenings within the community through TVs in each room, an app on their phone or even using an Alexa device. Each person is able to learn about the activities planned for the day, and resident engagement has grown simply through communication through technology.

Contact us today to learn more about the offerings in our community and schedule your personal tour.

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