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Security: Your Plan for the Future

A happy senior couple enjoying cake, happily secure in their home.

Stonebridge at Montgomery is a senior living community where residents feel safe in their own home — something we’ve strived to offer through our security offerings. Our team has developed extensive guidelines to continue to exceed the safety and security of the community and to ensure the comfort you expect. Below are just a few ways we offer a sense of security to residents.

Senior Living Security Offerings

Communication is the key element of safety and security in an emergency. To ensure clarity, we have an emergency communication system in place to keep all our staff members, residents and their families informed as we share updated information.

In the event of an emergency, Stonebridge at Montgomery has a detailed disaster preparedness plan in place which we share with residents and families. To further prepare, we share emergency policies and procedure best practices with our network of Springpoint communities to better identify opportunities for improvement. It’s also not unusual for storms or other events to knock out power temporarily, so our community has prepared for the provision of emergency power through onsite generators and advanced arrangements for fuel supplies.

We also believe that health plays a significant part in your safety and security. That’s why we offer a full suite of healthcare services to ensure your needs are covered of both now and in the future. These services include Independent Living, Home Care, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation. Of course, this also extends to our COVID-19 policies. Although it’s true we are experiencing a challenging time, both staff and residents at Stonebridge at Montgomery have pulled together as a family, desiring to see kindness and compassion. Our dedicated Dining Team works tirelessly to take orders, cook, pack and deliver over 300 delicious and nutritious meals to residents’ front doors every evening. We are also fortunate enough to have our own Springpoint spiritual care team through the Springpoint Foundation. Chaplain Jenny Urbanski conducts community conversation and meditation sessions while providing in-home prayer guides to any community members who wish to celebrate their religious traditions. To help residents stay engaged, we provide weekly puzzle packets and coloring kits. Employees in fun costumes have also delivered good humor in the form of ice cream novelties to the residents.

Discover the Feeling of Safety and Senior Living Security with Stonebridge at Montgomery

Don’t just take our word for it. Jerry and Sheila Berkelhammer are two residents who told us exactly how Stonebridge of Montgomery’s senior living security has affected them in a positive way. “At Stonebridge we feel a sense of security knowing that health issues can quickly be dealt with here in the new Healthcare Center. We have experienced two such episodes. The Stonebridge nurse was in our apartment within one minute of our call. Luckily, neither event was life-threatening, but the instantaneous response was truly appreciated and reassuring.”

If you would like to learn more, our team would love to share the details about our community with you. We can even schedule a virtual tour with you so you can catch a glimpse of Stonebridge at Montgomery from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today for answers to your questions.

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