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5 Signs You’re Ready to Move into Independent Senior Living

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As an active senior approaching retirement—or perhaps already enjoying the start of this new stage of life—you may find yourself wondering what’s next. You may be contemplating downsizing or moving closer to family, or you may find yourself weary of the responsibilities that keep you from fully enjoying your golden years.

At the same time, you may be thinking you’re too young and healthy to consider a senior living community.

What you may not realize is that independent senior living is an option for people exactly like you. Independent living allows you to take advantage of the amenities and resources of a senior living community while you’re in your prime and able to enjoy them completely. That means if you’re wondering when to move to senior living, the answer could be right now!


1. Less Work, More Play

Homeownership comes with plenty of advantages, but as you age, the burdens may start piling up.

Home maintenance is time-consuming, which may prevent you from enjoying activities you look forward to enjoying in retirement, including extended travel. In addition, if you’re not as fast on your feet as you used to be, have joint pain, or other physical conditions, you may not feel up to doing regular repairs. Another consideration is the cost of maintenance. Many experts suggest budgeting at least 1% of your home’s total value for annual maintenance (more if your home is older or needs extra attention).

As an independent living resident, you can count on maintenance-free living and hand your interior and exterior chores off to our attentive staff. We’ll take care of the housekeeping and outdoor maintenance like snow removal and lawn care so you can focus your energy on enjoying each day to the fullest.


2. Freedom from Dish Duty

Who doesn’t love delicious, made-from-scratch meals? That’s what we proudly serve in our dining room daily, and our menu regularly features dishes created with ingredients picked from our onsite garden. The best part is, once you’re done enjoying every last bite, you can choose how you’d like to wind down the day—it won’t be doing the dishes!


3. New Friends and Memories

Through the years, you may have noticed your social group growing smaller. Friends chase their own retirement dreams, and your work and family commitments shift as your professional life winds down and kids leave the nest. However, staying social is an important way to protect your mental and physical health as you age. As an independent living resident, you’ll have access to all kinds of social activities, from casual chats with your neighbors to events designed to help seniors make new friends.


4. Living Your Best Life

As a senior, you may be paying more attention to your health and wellness. A focus on individual wellness is another example of the independent living benefits our residents enjoy. We offer multiple fitness classes on campus, and our award-winning LivWell program allows residents to tailor their interests and goals to a whole-person wellness program that spans physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environment, spiritual, and vocational needs.


5. A Plan for Now and Later

Uncertainty about the future may weigh on your mind, but making the move to independent living can alleviate your worries, especially if you choose a Life Plan Community where you can access a continuum of care as your needs change in the future. What’s more, with a Lifecare contract, you can secure lifelong care at a predictable cost, similar to what you’d pay in independent living.


Find Independent Living Options Nearby

Intrigued by the idea of making a move to an independent living community? Explore the enriching and fulfilling lifestyle we offer for active seniors like you. Schedule a private tour so you can start imagining your retirement future at Stonebridge at Montgomery, conveniently located in the vibrant Princeton area.


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