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Intergenerational Activities: Fun Suggestions for Seniors and Kids

Grandfather and grandson play games in the living room

Intergenerational activities offer a wide range of benefits. Studies from the National Library of Medicine show that they help enhance seniors’ self-esteem, mobility, and cognitive skills, while kids gain a sense of security and wisdom that improves self-awareness and even promotes academic success.

When you bring kids’ energy together with seniors’ knowledge and experience, it’s sure to be a memorable day. Here are some great ideas for intergenerational activities that everyone will enjoy.

Spend time gardening
Gardening creates a unique bond between seniors and children. Tending to flowers or vegetables as they grow to maturity teaches lessons in patience and self-sufficiency.

From green thumbs to those just starting out, gardeners with all levels of experience are welcome in Stonebridge at Montgomery’s greenhouse. Whether you’re caring for a single potted plant or a garden with rows of vegetables, getting your hands a little dirty is a valuable experience for children and older adults alike.

Cook a meal together
There is something special about intergenerational cooking or baking. Between planning the menu, shopping for ingredients, measuring, following cookbook directions (and sharing the secret family ingredient!), there are constant communication and learning opportunities for both young and old.

In addition, sitting down to share your meal together or with others creates a sense of accomplishment and opens the door for a relaxing discussion on topics of the day.

Make a family tree
Going down memory lane is interesting for kids and triggers discussions about family bonds and history. Sitting down together and creating a family tree on paper is a hands-on way to explain how they are related to others and helps them feel connected to past generations. If you’re new to genealogy, this article will help you get started.

Take a nature walk
Going outside and strolling through the neighborhood or local park removes the barriers to in-person human interaction created by computers, cell phones, and other devices. Look for different species of birds or plants and share what each of you knows about them. Collect colorful leaves and press them in a herbarium. Take a pet along to teach valuable life lessons like responsibility, trust, and good manners.

Stonebridge at Montgomery is nestled on beautiful grounds featuring plenty of green space and walking trails. With endless places to explore, a simple walk does wonders to open up conversation in a natural way.

Share music
A simple activity like sharing music is a great way to spend time together on a rainy day. Taking turns playing favorite tunes and talking about what the songs mean or what memories they evoke is a fun way to form a bond and expand musical knowledge.

With today’s technology, kids can easily pull up songs from any generation on their phones or tablets, or you can pull out the vinyl and turntable and show kids “how we did it in the old days.” Who knows, you may even get the urge to dance!

Visit an aquarium
While museums offer ample opportunity to learn about and share experiences through exhibits, there’s something especially calming about spending time together in an aquarium. Of course, you can play games like trying to be the first to spot a specific fish, or you can let kids talk about their favorite lake or sea creatures and seek out information so you can both learn more about them.

Stonebridge at Montgomery is located within less than an hour’s drive from two of New Jersey’s finest aquariums. Adventure Aquarium on the Camden, NJ Waterfront offers a wide range of opportunities for families to explore, discover and play. Jenkinson’s Aquarium at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ is dedicated to the education, conservation, and care of a diverse collection of life from aquatic habitats.

Put together a puzzle
Working together to finish a puzzle is a wonderful way to showcase teamwork, concentration, memory, and problem-solving. Choosing a puzzle that fits the skill level of the senior and child alleviates frustration and instead becomes a fun way to interact, chat, and enjoy your success when the final piece goes in.

Take a dip in the water
A few hours at a pool or the beach combines physical activity, fresh air, and fun. Float around and chat, play water games, walk the shoreline, observe wildlife, and collect stones or shells. The ways to interact are endless. Don’t forget to end the day with an ice cream cone or another cool treat to make it extra special!

Need to practice your stroke? Whether you enjoy an invigorating swim or an instructor-led water aerobics class, Stonebridge at Montgomery’s indoor pool is open year-round to help you stay in shape and improve your personal fitness levels.

Maintenance-free living means having more time to live life on your terms and engage in activities with the people that are most important to you. Find out more about Stonebridge at Montgomery’s senior living services and amenities.

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