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Improving Brain Health

Smiling senior woman planting flowers in a greenhouse. 

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age

It’s a well-known fact that you need to incorporate physical activity into your routine to keep your body healthy – but have you ever considered working out your mind as well? Research suggests that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually and socially engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not. At Stonebridge at Montgomery, we offer the activities and amenities you want to stay engaged and improve brain health.

Participate in Healthy Brain Activities at Stonebridge By…

  1. Expanding Your Mind with Continuing Education: Constantly seeking new information, no matter what the subject matter may be, is vital to a stimulated and active mind. Be sure to take advantage of guest lectures and our three-part course series. During these sessions, you dive deeper into topics like “The Genius of Michelangelo” and “Experiencing Hubble.” Or, learn through communicating with others at our TED Talk Discussion Group.
  2. Expressing Your Creativity: Indulging in your creative side through art requires you to focus on hand-eye coordination and engages your brain by improving memory and cognitive function. From sculpting to our quilting group and oil painting, our art studio offers the space you need to express ideas and work on your latest project.
  3. Immersing Yourself in Nature: Business Insider notes that mental stimulation that takes place when spending time outdoors results in improved short-term memory, restored mental energy, sharper thinking and increased creativity. Our stunning campus offers plenty of engaging outdoor activities. Show off your green thumb by planting flowers in the greenhouse. Or, take a beautiful stroll on one of our many walking trails – our community is set back from the road with a wildflower meadow out front and plenty of green space adjacent.
  4. Taking Part in Friendly Competition: Not only do games offer a time to socialize with neighbors, but the competition challenges your mind and can increase motivation, improve productivity and enhance your performance. Weekly card games are a must-attend activity for Stonebridge residents. And, we even host a resident-run regatta, with the Stonebridge Yacht Club racing radio-controlled sailboats and powerboats; this well-attended event is unique to our community and continues to grow each year.
  5. Connecting with Others: Studies show that positive relationships can help protect against memory loss. Residents Jerry and Sheila Berkelhammer are pleased with their involvement within the community and have made plenty of friends. They share, “Come while you can participate in activities, as we did: enjoy the fitness center, the pool, the library, grow some tomatoes or flowers in your plot in the community garden, serve on committees, attend lectures, movies, concerts, etc. with your new neighbors. You will soon feel that you’re part of a very welcoming, caring community, as we have.”

Learn More About Improving Brain Health at Stonebridge at Montgomery

At Stonebridge at Montgomery, our activities and amenities contribute to a healthy and active brain, and you’ll be surrounded by other intellectual individuals wanting to join you. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a personal tour.

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