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Health Benefits of Gardening

Senior couple gardening.

Discover the Secret Health Benefits of Gardening

Hobbies are an enjoyable way to enhance your life. Spending even a few hours each week on activities that interest you is a productive way to spend time. Plus, as Psychology Today reports, introducing hobbies into your routine leads to numerous health benefits, including improved mood, memory and cardiovascular function.

Jerry and Sheila Berkelhammer enjoy finding opportunities to get involved in healthy activities at Stonebridge at Montgomery. One of their recommendations is for residents to, “Grow some tomatoes or flowers in your plot in the community garden.” Gardening is a fulfilling hobby, and our residents love to come together with fellow neighbors and create something new. Plus, gardening is an engaging pastime that promotes both physical and mental wellbeing. Keep reading to explore some of these positive benefits.

Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Socialization Opportunities: When the weather is clear and sunny, who doesn’t enjoy spending an afternoon outside? Catch up with a friend while exploring the walking trails surrounding our grounds – and learn from your neighbors the best way to tend to your marigolds or grow the perfect begonia in our greenhouse or community garden. These gardens allow all residents the opportunity to grow their own plants and socialize with others wanting to do the same, whether learning the latest tips and tricks to keeping vegetation flourishing or even bonding over the shared love of a book.

Physical Fitness: Gardening is good for your body. Pulling weeds, twisting and turning to grab plants around you and picking out the fruits of your labor gives you a low-impact workout. This is a perfect solution for those wanting to introduce exercise into their daily lives without overwhelming joints. Along with the great aerobic exercise, this outdoor activity allows ample exposure to the sun. Studies have found that taking in sunlight helps older adults achieve adequate vitamin D levels. Vitamin D increases calcium levels in your body, which boosts your immune system and strengthens your bones. Just be sure to apply sunscreen to your exposed skin.

Mental Health: Humans are meant to spend time in nature, an undeniable connection worthy of our exploration. Taking the time to be outdoors has a soothing, calming and rejuvenating effect on people. And what better way to express this than adding to the beauty around you by growing your own flowers and vegetables. Gardening also relaxes and allows you to practice patience and determination as you wait to see your plants grow.

Explore the Benefits of Gardening for Seniors at Stonebridge at Montgomery

LivWell, our holistic approach to wellbeing, focuses on the seven dimensions of wellness – including environmental wellness. As part of this program, Stonebridge at Montgomery offers activities and amenities to help you connect to nature, and gardening is just one way we help you live your best life. Schedule a tour today to come see the beauty of our campus for yourself.

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