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The CCRC Lifestyle: Vibrant Senior Independent Living

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After you’ve made the decision that your current home is simply too large or requires too much upkeep, it’s time to downsize. However, you’re still active and independent, and you plan to stay that way for many more years to come.

This is exactly why you should consider an independent living community, or better yet, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). The transition to this type of community is practically seamless, as you aren’t losing any of the independence you’re accustomed to. In fact, you’ll be gaining so much more freedom to enjoy the vibrant, active and relaxed lifestyle you crave.

What is Independent Living for Seniors?

It’s normal to have some questions about whether moving to a senior living community makes sense for you. Selling your current home is a major life decision. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top concerns you may have about downsizing and moving to an independent living community:

Concern #1: I’m still highly active and don’t need assistance with daily living activities yet.

Studies show that healthy seniors who make the move to independent living communities are more likely to stay that way. Life is simply easier, as you won’t need to worry about home maintenance tasks like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, and you’ll have plenty of time to do all the activities you enjoy most. Plus, should your health needs change in the future, you’ll have priority access to the supportive services you need, right in the same location you already call home.

Concern #2: I don’t want to be bored, but I don’t want to be forced into attending events.

Senior living communities offer a wide variety of events and activities to ensure residents have plenty of social opportunities. You’re sure to find something you enjoy, whether it’s tinkering away on projects in a woodworking shop, learning how to quilt, joining a book club or taking a painting class. Best of all, residents can choose exactly what activities they would like to participate in, and they are never required to attend anything that doesn’t strike their interest.

Concern #3: I want to come and go as I please and have friends and family over often.

Want to have the family over for a birthday celebration or invite friends to your home for a dinner party? No problem! In an independent living community, your home is yours to do with as you please. You’re also never trapped on campus; most communities offer garages for your personal car, or you can utilize the community’s transportation services to head off campus if you don’t feel like driving that day.

Making Yourself at Home in Your Comfortable Apartment

The transition to a senior living community can be even easier when you consider all your options. For instance, you can choose to move to a comfortable apartment located on the campus of a senior living community such as those available at Stonebridge. This type of independent living for seniors allows you to enjoy your own, private apartment home in a safe, quiet neighborhood. Our independent living apartments feature spacious floor plans and plenty of storage space, with beautiful views of our grounds. Bring all your favorite furniture and décor and make your new home comfortable and familiar.

Then, get ready to enjoy all the benefits a cottage lifestyle offers. Leave the snow removal and lawn mowing to the helpful staff while you enjoy lunch with friends. Explore local area attractions, take a fitness class, pick up a new hobby – the choice is yours!

Contact us today to schedule your personal tour of our vibrant continuing care retirement community in Skillman, New Jersey.

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