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The Financial Benefits of Lifecare

You’ll see a lifetime of value with Lifecare.

Just about everyone who understands senior living would agree that the cost of long-term care generally heads in one direction—straight up.

How can you protect yourself? Lifecare. This is a unique plan option that ensures you receive high-quality care services as well as protection from the rising costs of care. How? By choosing a Lifecare contract, you’ll have priority access to assisted living, short- or long-term skilled nursing care, and rehabilitation at rates similar to those you’d pay in independent living. You’ll be paying far less for these services than you would without Lifecare. An added benefit is that Lifecare helps make your future expenses more predictable, even if you need more care.

Residents First Guarantee

Another way Stonebridge at Montgomery adds value to senior living costs is through our Residents First Guarantee—a money-back satisfaction guarantee that refunds your entrance fee if you decide to leave our community for any reason within 60 days of moving in.

Choosing Stonebridge gives you the security of knowing that if your health needs change, supportive services are available to ensure you’ll continue to enjoy the highest level of independence and quality of life possible. And that by choosing Lifecare, you’ll be paying far less for these services than you would without it.

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