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Are you ready for a real, unfiltered view into what life is like at Stonebridge at Montgomery? Just ask our residents! See what they have to say about our retirement community, then schedule a visit to meet and chat with them in person.

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Meet Dorothy Moore

Meet Dorothy Moore

Dorothy Moore, also known as Dot, is one of the first residents to join the Stonebridge at Montgomery community twelve years ago. Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, she moved to the Princeton area to be close to her new grandson.

“It was the right move for me. I love my one-bedroom apartment with living room, dining room, den and kitchen. My porch with northeast exposure is beautiful. During the warmer months I like to sit and have breakfast and lunch there and take in the pretty view.

The people are wonderful here, it’s very easy to meet folks and make new friends. There’s so much to do socially too. And they offer several options for healthcare including the Lifecare plan which keeps me from worrying about the future. This is the good life – It is!”

Meet Jerry and Sheila Berkelhammer

Meet Jerry and Sheila Berkelhammer

We’re so glad we made the decision to move to Stonebridge at Montgomery. We learned that selling our house and getting rid of possessions is hard. The older you are the more difficult it will be. We made our own decision about where we wanted to live.  If you don’t, your children may do it for you and you may not like the result. At Stonebridge we feel a sense of security knowing that health issues can quickly be dealt with here in the new Healthcare Center.  We have experienced two such episodes.  The Stonebridge nurse was in our apartment within one minute of our call.  Luckily, neither event was life-threatening, but the instantaneous response was truly appreciated and reassuring.

The clinic, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities are right in the same building you live in.  If you’re a couple and one of you develops serious medical problems, you’re still living in the same place with appropriate care and support for the person who needs it.

There is a great sense of community spirit here.  Come while you can participate in activities, as we did: enjoy the fitness center, the pool, the library, grow some tomatoes or flowers in your plot in the community garden, serve on committees, attend lectures, movies, concerts, etc. with your new neighbors.  You will soon feel you’re part of a very welcoming, caring community, as we have. You’ll make many new friends at Stonebridge. Or maybe all your old friends have already gone to Stonebridge and that’s why you haven’t seen them.  Come find them here.

The maintenance services and housekeeping service are so convenient at Stonebridge. Clogged sink?  Heavy pictures to hang? Call maintenance, a handy-person is at your door pronto.  No charge, no tipping allowed.  Maid service including fluffy white towels happens weekly.  No charge, no tipping allowed.

Transportation is provided too!  The Stonebridge bus:  it goes where we (and you) need to go.  Supermarkets, banks, the movies, the mall,  events at McCarter Theater, Richardson Auditorium, the Old Guard, 55 plus, and now even to Trader Joe’s.  No more looking in vain for parking places in downtown Princeton.  The bus takes you right to the door, picks you up again and brings you home.

And great food and dining!  After we enjoy dinner, Sunday brunch, a first Friday cocktail party and feast or a holiday celebration, we can relax!  The mess—dirty pots, pans and dishes is in Stonebridge’s kitchen, not ours or yours. We can’t say enough good things about Stonebridge. We are so happy we made the move!

New Jersey Resident

At Stonebridge, I am impressed by the thoughtful, meticulous care of our two family members. For example, after my elderly mother was released from the hospital, Stonebridge went way beyond the call of duty to make it possible for her to stay at Stonebridge in the same facility as my other family member. Thanks to these caring efforts, our family, in my mother’s last days, was able to be together. That means the world. Equally important as the day-to-day care giving, is Stonebridge’s communication with me as family member. I am grateful for the excellent working relationship we have. It makes all the difference — for the well being of our whole family. I find Stonebridge a very caring community. Stonebridge also has a wonderful resident community.