Our Mission Is Our History and Our Future:

To make a difference in the lives of the residents, families and communities we serve.

You can build your future on a past of solid accomplishment. Our mission began in 1916, when a group of Presbyterian ministers joined together to create housing and services for elders. They founded Presbyterian Homes of New Jersey, a nonprofit organization based on the values instilled by faith.

Their idea grew with the 20th century, expanding to new affordable housing and senior living communities across the state. In 2007, the organization decided to go beyond its Presbyterian affiliation, taking a new name that would embrace people of all backgrounds: PHS Senior Living. Three years later, in February 2010, the company made a more definitive move, changing its name once again, this time to Springpoint Senior Living. We asked our residents about the change. They told us “Springpoint” conveyed “energy,” “spirit” and “moving forward.” Learn about the Springpoint Advantage.

Today, Springpoint stands for stability, security and new ideas. Our communities meet the highest national standards for quality of life and care. As the aging population grows, and the world of health care and financial management grows more complex, we stay ahead of the curve with an expert strategic planning team. Meet them.

Springpoint serves more than 4,000 residents in eight continuing care retirement communities and 19 affordable housing communities, statewide. The good works of our Foundation reach out to thousands of people each year.

We believe in making a difference by making progress: in new options for living, for health care, for financial security and for personal enrichment.