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A Senior Living Library with Your Literary Needs in Mind

The Stonebridge at Montgomery library.

The amenities in a senior living community are one of the most anticipated features when choosing what community is right for you. At Stonebridge at Montgomery, we celebrate our area’s culture and affinity for learning by offering amenities that fit within the needs of the community. One of those highlighted amenities is the library.

The library at Stonebridge offers thousands of different stories and worlds for you to dive into, as well as, an opportunity to socialize within the community. We sat down with library volunteer Sheila Berkelhammer to get the scoop on what exactly our community library has to offer.

Stories and Library Programs for Older Adults

The library at Stonebridge at Montgomery hosts over 8,00 volumes. Shelves upon shelves of books fill the room, and wide-open, bright spaces accommodate comfortable seating areas. One of the most loved spots is on a couch by a window overlooking the stunning campus grounds.

Almost all books, magazines and visual media are donated by the residents themselves and the surrounding community. Sheila has found that the majority of residents enjoy mysteries, recent fiction and biographies, which is shown by the donations.

As part of the library staff’s responsibilities, they take notice of the stories most requested and sought after to purchase with the modest funds the library receives from the resident’s association. Most recently, those purchases included the memoir Educated, Michelle Obama’s book Becoming, and the newest Louise penny mystery titled A Better Man.

A unique aspect of the Stonebridge library is the section dedicated to authors from the community itself. A number of these books are in a special section that is frequently visited by residents.

Residents man the library to ensure it runs smoothly. Over 20 people spend hours a month keeping the place going through various opportunities, from stocking the shelves to sorting through donations.

To increase awareness of the library at Stonebridge, the chairs of the library committee have implemented a few programs to include in the library’s offerings. For example, each month there is a display highlighting books written by authors that were born in that month. And, to further feature authors in the community, the series, “Celebrating Stonebridge Authors,” allows the authors to host a talk about the stories they tell.

One of the most laborious tasks that needs to get done is the monthly sorting of donations and yearly library cleanout. A team of residents spend time going book by book deciding whether or not the condition and subject matter would be relevant and appreciated in the collection. But the team makes sure the process is fun – spending time together is always appreciated in the community. Plus, a mixer with refreshments is offered to those who volunteer their time.

When residents first move to a senior living community, there are sometimes challenges due to the difference in lifestyle. But involving yourself in opportunities the community lifestyle offers allows the transition to become even easier. Sheila found that she now drops in the library almost every day to see what’s going on.

Explore Superior Senior Living Amenities at Stonebridge at Montgomery

The library at Stonebridge at Montgomery is far from the only senior living amenities offered on campus. You’re also able to take a painting class in our art studio, take a dip in the indoor pool, plant your own vegetables in the greenhouse and much more. Come see what our community has to offer – contact us today to schedule your personal tour.

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