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Dining for Seniors: How One Dining Team Exceeds Expectations

Healthy fish dinner salad.

Mealtime is best when shared with others, especially considering socialization and healthy eating are two essential components of the seven dimensions of wellness. Sitting down at a table together to discuss the day and connect, all while fueling your body – life doesn’t get much better.

At Stonebridge at Montgomery, eating a meal isn’t just something you do. It’s an experience. We offer dining options that rival or surpass any other community with a varied menu always focused on the exceptional flavors you crave and the nutrients you want for a healthy diet. We sat down with Ed Chapman, Dining Services Director, and learned more about what it takes to deliver a delicious and nutritious dining experience.

Gourmet Dining in a Social Setting

If there’s one thing Ed learned in his previous experience with chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Emeril, it was the importance of quality. And it shows. Dining at Stonebridge is a gourmet experience, with local produce and fresh fish and meat always on the menu. The catch of the day, which varies from swordfish to brook trout and more, is a resident favorite. Because raw ingredients retain the highest nutritional value, the dining team does whatever it takes to procure the freshest food, ensuring each plate offers the necessary vitamins and nutrients for a healthy diet.

Thanks to Ed’s help, Stonebridge at Montgomery is the first Springpoint Senior Living community to have a dedicated onsite dining team. He started from scratch and created a successful, self-operated system that’s now used across all Springpoint communities.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to having an onsite staff: the personalized nutrition for seniors. We want to ensure your dietary needs are met, whether it be gluten-free, low sodium or anything else. Weekly menus are distributed in advance, so those with dietary concerns are able to pick and choose the selections they would like and make note of necessary modifications. The chefs make sure to know what special orders are ahead of time, so we’re able to serve you properly with no interruptions in your dining experience.

Along with tasty, healthy food, the Stonebridge dining team stands out in offering a community dining experience that brings people together. Neighbors are invited to join tables, and waitstaff takes pleasure in conversing with residents. Best of all? You can enjoy all the benefits of a gourmet meal without the mess of cleanup. Residents Jerry and Sheila Berkelhammer share, “After we enjoy dinner, Sunday brunch, a first Friday cocktail party and feast or a holiday celebration, we can relax!”

Ed shares that his favorite part about the job is the people. His staff is happy, some having worked in the community for five-to-six years, which is unusual in the industry. Most importantly, the residents are delighted in the service and food offerings. He comes to work every day with a smile, knowing that he helps make the dining experience at Stonebridge one of the best available.

Learn How Stonebridge at Montgomery Encourages Nutritious Eating

Access to healthy, gourmet dining is one way Stonebridge exceeds expectations. Come see for yourself and schedule a tour today; we’d love for you to join us for a meal and get a taste of what life is like in our community.

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