The Stonebridge Yacht Club

While Stonebridge at Montgomery has a full-time activities director on staff who keeps our activities calendar chock-full of stimulating events and outings, our residents are encouraged to pursue their own interests, too. That’s why our residents also help design the activities they choose to do for fun on a regular basis.

The Stonebridge Yacht Club is a perfect example. They’re a jovial group with a specialized hobby: sailing radio-controlled boats of all kinds. For several years now, they have hosted an annual Regatta right on-site at Stonebridge. The resident-hosted regatta is a much-loved event at our Life Plan Community that everyone looks forward to every year.

At this year’s Regatta, Yacht Club members and guests launched radio-controlled sailboats, powerboats, a pontoon airplane and an airboat that would have been at home in the Everglades. Afterward, skippers, crews and fans mingled with their martinis in a well-attended post-Regatta party.

“It’s always a fun day and the word is spreading,” said Stonebridge resident Dick Christian, “Commodore” of the Stonebridge Yacht Club. “It’s getting bigger and better every year.”