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Physical fitness? Mental fitness?
If both matter to you, we have your new address.

Stonebridge at Montgomery: Stimulating independent living in Central New Jersey.

You’re used to an active, fulfilling life of self-expression. You deserve an independent living community that places an emphasis on intellectual engagement, stimulating activities and mind/body wellness. There are also some things you’ve earned the right to do without: Yard work, dishes, routine daily chores that take away from your time to enjoy and discover. Stonebridge at Montgomery, near Princeton in Central New Jersey, puts it all together for you.

As a Springpoint community, we have a unique approach to living called LivWell. It’s a panoramic approach to living life to the fullest by exploring the seven dimensions of wellness – mental, physical, emotional, vocational, social, environmental and spiritual. Most importantly, it is individualized just for you, your needs and your goals. No matter what you want to pursue, we have the place to do it: the fitness center, the pool, the library, the game rooms, the arts studio and the performing arts auditorium.

You’ll also have fascinating friends who’ll want to join you. You might meet a published author or a woman who sailed the Atlantic, a Civil Rights activist or an accomplished architect. Our residents have included advisors to Presidents and respected professors emeriti. You’ll also discover amazing artists who never touched a brush before they came here and hear about thrilling life experiences from people you know as neighbors.

See our activities calendar. Come to central New Jersey and join us for an event! See what independent living can truly mean.

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